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Save Quicktime Movies

As much as I dislike Quicktime player I sometimes would like to save those movie trailers (don’t I just love that 300 trailer). The thing is sometimes you need the Pro version to save that file. Here’s new trick I’ve learned to save those trailers from Apple’s site.

First go to trailer’s page. The image below is from Fantastic Four’s new coming movie’s High Definition trailer page.


Now, open the source code:


You will see some HTML code there. Find the line which includes 480p, 720p or 1080p (this depends on which version of the trailer you want to download. And that depends on your internet speed, harware setup and display size). To find that line quickly use the integrated find/search function. Now there will two similar looking lines. Skip the first one and select the second one. The sample image below is the one for 720p:


To be specific, the line says:

Now comes the last bit: Add the letter h before the resolution, like this:

This is the direct link to the movie. For best results I recommend using a download manager.


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Perfect MP3

Are you into making your own mp3 archive? Are you fed up with those low quality outputs? There are hundreds of both commercial and free utilities to rip your music discs. Making a perfect mp3 is, however, a different animal. You need the right tools to start with. You need to spend some time to learn the basics.

Here’s your ultimate guide to best mp3 creation process. I suggest that you save a copy of all the files and guides there as well as the necessary tools. It will be a bit tough at the beginning but the reward will be great. You won’t notice any difference between your audio discs and mp3 files. I’ve practicing it for the last four years and everything is just wonderful.

Speaking of digital music, what’s your favorite audio player? Winamp? Winamp is not bad to say the least. The free version is adequate for most of your needs. But… your perfect mp3 files needs a perfect audio player: Foobar2000. Foobar2000 is the most advanced and flexible audio player around. What’s more, it’s free with hundreds of plugins and a huge community where you can ask for help. The UI choices are much better. I warn you, it’s difficult at the beginning but once you get to hang of it you won’t even look at the other choices, be it “Winamp v.10 combined with Windows Media Player 20”.

Here are few sites to get help, plugins, UIs and anything you want about foobar2000:

hydrogenaudio: Your one and only stop on audio. Period.

3rd Party Foobar2000 components

Foobar2000 Formatting

Foobar2000 Customization

LastFM Foobar2000 Forums

Here are few interfaces I picked at random from different sources.


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Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Restore Firefox Tabs

Is this funny or what. Before Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) I used to surf internet with IE6 from time to time; otherwise Firefox was my default browser. Now, I just use Firefox ( 100%. The supposedly clever guys in Microsoft just screwed things up completely. After years and years of silence they came up with something barely compatable with Firefox. It has nothing revolutionary at all. What is worse, the seemingly new UI is simply awful.

Well, IE7 has nothing to with this entry but I just had shout that out.

When working with Firefox I sometimes need to close it (to restart the computer immediately or something in the same vain) and naturally I want restart Firefox and continue from where I left off. If Firefox had crashed I’d be protected but not otherwise. Thankfully, there is a solution. Now, you can reload all your tabs, always.

1. Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.

2. Now, right-click in the browser window and select New >> Boolean.

3. A box will appear. In this box, type browser.sessionstore.resume_session and click Ok.

4. Now set the value as True and click Ok.

5. Go to Tools >> Options.

6. Under Startup, select When Firefox starts, and set Show my windows and tabs from last time and click Ok.

That’s it and you are done. (from Tech Xpress)

Top WebOS Reviewed

Here’s a useful review of almost all web based so called operating systems in the market. I suggest you have a peek.

Blue-ray, anyone ?

This guy makes a good point about why I hate Blue-ray and Sony.

HD, anyone ?

Well, since Blue-ray is suckers-bet, how about High-Definition DVD. It’s better for sure. But… rest here.

Process Scanner

Now or then you’ll hear your hard-drive spinning like mad-ball and you just don’t know why. Other times, you may experience your computer start-up (or shut-down) takes ages. Mostly, you’ll start to experience an over-all slow down in time. The possible reasons are endless. Anti-virus and anti-spyware softwares helps but from time to time you still need to go to task-manager and observe what the heck is happening inside. There are many free utilities specificaly for this job (like WITS) but now we have something even better: An online service scanning and reporting us about all the processes going inside your computer. Bookmark Process Scanner for you’re sure to use it in near future.

Logos And Their Meanings

Here’s good link where some famous logos and the ideas behind them explained. You’ll like it.


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Amazing Underwater Photoshop Tutorial

This guy does a very fine job in this photoshop tutorial.



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Which Blank DVD?

DVD-burners being sold at $30 many of us have one and quite often we’re up to burning something. I’m sure you’ve wondered about the quality of those blank discs and from time to time thought those more expensive medias (i.e. Sony) should be better than those cheap ones. Not necessarily so!

Here’s an excellent guide along with the necessary tools to decide which blank media to buy. Here’s a small excerpt:

“Not all media is good. In fact, with the high influx of cheap media from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, I’d venture to say most media is bad. This review guide is meant to shed some light on who manufactures and brands good and not so good quality DVD media.

Use this list as an assistant when selecting what media to buy and use. It shows what generally works as the best media. Individual results may very, depending on the burner and how the media chooses to cooperate, though typically not by much. Read the advanced topics guide after becoming familiar with the basics presented on this page.

While some cheap media may work for you, it’s a gamble that often loses. Try to use 1ST and 2ND class media, and to avoid 3RD and 4TH class media, if at all possible.”

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On Maximum Security


Absent of proper protection lurking in the digital world is insecure to say the least. If you were to surf the internet without any anti-virus protection, firewall protection or without updated windows it would probably take five to ten minutes to get infected in some way.

All is not lost. With a bit of effort you can be protected. Below I’ll outline my way of protection. The procedures involve partitioning and formatting your hard-drive (HDD) and taking an image of it. If you’ve never been involved in such things and scared to death to try, well, be afraid not. Let’s get started.

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Don’t Fall For Megapixels


Technology writer and former editor of Windows Magazine Mike Elgan argues that in todays world of digital cameras the megapixel count should be the last parameter you take into account. I agree with him that for non-professional photographers the megapixel amount has reached the necessary level.

However, marketing sharks constantly bombarding the naive souls into making them believe that megapixel count is the top most important factor and that if you buy a new camera with a higher megapixel label your photos will look better no matter what.

He says that timing, quality of optic lenses, good use of lighting, optic zoom factor (instead of the totally meaningless digital zoom) is much more important for good quality photos. For instance, a camera with 3 megapixels and good optic lenses would produce better results than a camera with, say, 12 megapixels and less than good optic lenses.

At the end he adds some useful links to learn more about all these issues. Complete story here.

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