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Fun & Instructive Online Videos

Here are few titles I’ve watched and enjoyed recently. I’d say their instructional value is immense. Most of them are from Google TechTalks.

Guy Kawasaki: The Art Of The Start

Great info, great presentation. I found ex-Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki quite funny, too. I recommend you to watch most of the videos below in your spare time but for this one, The Art Of The Start, you’d better spare some time.

Human Computation

I found this one instructive. Many good points on how human brain works and how computers cannot match (at least, not yet) with human brain.

All Marketers Are Liars

The title pretty says it all. The presenter Seth Godin makes some fine points on marketing and why Google’s way of things has been so successful up to now and what challanges they may face.

The Elegant Universe
These 3 are about quantum physics. I don’t how they come to google video since they’re commercial documentaries. Anyhow, if you like science, if quantum physics is of your interest (even the tiniest bit) or if you just want to see something awesome then just check them out. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Part 1: Einstein’s Dream

Part 2: String’s The Thing

Part 3: Welcome To The Eleventh Dimension

How To Save Google Videos

Do you know how to save those low quality google videos as avi files to your hard drives? Here’s how you do it:

For this example I’ll be doing Elegant Universe: Part 3 – Welcome To The eleventh Dimension. First go to the video page. When the page loads find the button which says “Download” as shown below:


Click that button, some options will appear and at the same time a download confirmation will come, hit cancel and click “Manually download the video”.


Now, save the file which should have a .gvp extension. Open it with Notepad. You will see something like this:

# download the free Google Video Player from
title:The Elegant Universe Part 3 – Welcome to the 11th Dimension
description:Welcome to the 11th Dimension,” shows how in 1995 Edward Witten of Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study, aided by others, revolutionized string theory by successfully uniting the five different versions into a single theory that is cryptically named “M-theory,” a development which required a total of eleven dimensions.
description:Ten…eleven…who’s counting? But the new eleventh dimension is different from all the others, since it implies that strings can come in higher dimensional shapes called membranes, or “branes” for short. These have truly science-fiction-like qualities, since in principle they can be as large as the universe. A brane can even be a universe—a parallel universe—and we may be living on one right now

Now, the bit you need is the one in blue color (which holds true for all; start from “http” part till end of first “docid”). Select that bit and paste it into your browser or, preferably, download manager. These links do not support resume so beware.


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Miniature Earth

This presentation is excellent. It gives some important statistics that we all try so hard to ignore. From technical point of view it demonstrates the effectiveness of high-quality, full screen images combined with text.




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