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Amazing Photo Gallery

insect.jpgWow! This guy, who calls himself LordV, has a fantastic photo gallery in Flickr. He says all images are taken in his garden. I say just check it out.


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Scheibe Illusion

I liked this illusion. Hmm, ok, I fell for it.


Now your turn! Do see anything weird about this upside-down photo?

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Amazing Underwater Photoshop Tutorial

This guy does a very fine job in this photoshop tutorial.



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Superb Time Waster: Line Rider

Yesterday, I’ve come across this mini flash project/game: Line Rider. It has excellent physics and it’s really great fun to play with.


Don’t be surprised if this game becomes a cult hit. What’s more, lots of people has uploaded their best runs to Youtube.

Naturally, when something good comes out people try to improve it even more. We then start to see the modified versions all around.

The best mod so far is Line Rider ZaDa (firefox users can try this one).


This modified version makes four major additions to the original game: 1) An eraser tool that lets you remove individual line segments. 2) A flag tool that lets you set a particular position (and vector) for the sledder to start his run at, handy if you have a five-minute run and want to test something toward the end without watching the whole thing over again. 3) Accelerator lines, which appear red and make the led speed up and even sled uphill, great for loops and jumps. 4) A “background line” tools that lets you draw lines that don’t affect the sledder.

Let the ride begin!


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The Ultimate Keyboard

Russian based company Art. Lebedev Studio has come up with what you’d call the ultimate keyboard.

This revolutionary new project seems set to re-define the word “keyboard” from every aspect. Despite it still being a prototype not yet in production, is has managed to send shockwaves all over the computer world – and rightly so!





Obviously the question is “How much will this chick cost?”. Well, the company says it will be cheaper than a good mobile phone, of which i don’t find too comforting. The rumors are that it will be over $1000.

I don’t think that it will be that expensive but who knows.

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Dice Stacking

Ok, this man really got me. Incredible, fantastic, amazing.. you name it

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1500 Megapixel Photo!


The same photographer who did a 720 megapixel photo of Sydney earlier this year has now done a 1500 megapixel photo of Machu Picchu. The level of details is amazing – you can zoom in so far you can see the expressions on peoples faces!


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