My New Blog: Mathzzle

Hello everybody.

From now on I’ll be posting to my new blog, Mathzzle. It’s all about puzzles, recreational mathematics, riddles, and all that.

See ya!



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2 responses to “My New Blog: Mathzzle

  1. Thanks Mark.nWhat could be the worst of all szenarios in Fukushima, in case everything melts down? Could it mean that japan abandons a large par Click

  2. Len Helfgott

    Just checked your website after reading yourBridgeWorld article and seeing your name in Bridgewinners. As everyone else, loved Asimov. Reading his book on numbers now (sort of a spinoff of Gamow’s One Two Three Infinity). As brilliant as Asimov was, he’d probably consider it a compliment to be mentioned in same sentence as George Gamow. But Asimov was a great communicator and SF writer.
    I’ve got a huge collection of math/logic problems accumulated over the last 55years. (Grand Vizier, 100 Island Couples, etc.) Love to develop a correspondence with you.
    Len Helfgott

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