Autopatcher: All Windows Updates Bundled

This is a must download for each and every Windows XP user. The number of patches Microsoft released since SP2 is…a lot (I think about 300). It’s just a pain in the back to deal with them each time you re-install your Windows XP. It gets worse if your internet connection is not good enough. 

From time to time, a friend of mine decides to format his/her drive and asks for assistance. Quite often, the only thing that bothers me are those updates.

And here comes the ultimate solution: AutoPatcher.

In short, Autopatcher is a free bundled package which includes all the windows updates (both critical and non-critical) as well as other add-ons like TweakUI and additional components like IE7 or Windows Media Player 11.

After you download Autopatcher you need to extract the files which take some time due to the big download file (around 350MB with all updates and other things). When the installation is complete, you can run AutoPatcher to update the system, and choose to add a desktop and/or start menu icon.

Let me repeat myself about these updates in general. I don’t recommend built-in Windows Update feature. Just dangerous. Never ever install “Windows Genuine Advantage”. It’s a spyware. Period.

Let’s end where we started: This is a must download for each and every Windows XP user.



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