Bits ‘n’ Pieces

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of backing up your firefox favorites manually then you should try MozBackup.

Here’s a different online utility: Cliche Finder. Just paste your text and let it find the common cliches in your text.

This free program, SpeQ Mathematics, is not the best of its kind but still quite good. Here are the features copied from the website:

  • Expression calculations with arithmetic, conditional, logical and bitwise operators
  • Around 100 built-in mathematical, physical and conditional constants
  • Around 60 built-in functions for Analysis, Arithmetic, Complex numbers, Hyperbolic, Integers, Probability, Numeral systems, Statistics, Trigonometry
  • Define your own variables and functions for use in calculations
  • Plot fully adaptable graphs, trace the plotted functions, save your graphs
  • Decimal, binary, hexadecimal and octal numeral systems
  • Complex number calculations
  • Colored workarea
  • Save and load sheets
  • Orderly overview of all available functions and constants in the Functionstree
  • A list with all defined variables and functions in the Memorylist
  • Context-sensitive help and a detailed users guide

If you (will) need to know anything about the BIOS then make sure that this site is among your bookmarks: The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide.


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