Save Quicktime Movies

As much as I dislike Quicktime player I sometimes would like to save those movie trailers (don’t I just love that 300 trailer). The thing is sometimes you need the Pro version to save that file. Here’s new trick I’ve learned to save those trailers from Apple’s site.

First go to trailer’s page. The image below is from Fantastic Four’s new coming movie’s High Definition trailer page.


Now, open the source code:


You will see some HTML code there. Find the line which includes 480p, 720p or 1080p (this depends on which version of the trailer you want to download. And that depends on your internet speed, harware setup and display size). To find that line quickly use the integrated find/search function. Now there will two similar looking lines. Skip the first one and select the second one. The sample image below is the one for 720p:


To be specific, the line says:

Now comes the last bit: Add the letter h before the resolution, like this:

This is the direct link to the movie. For best results I recommend using a download manager.


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  1. essencevigour

    Thank you. I needed such a thing.

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