Easy File Management

Due to whatever, you work a lot with files and folders. You don’t like default windows file management utility, best known as explorer. You’ve tried so many different third party softwares, both free and maybe commercial. If you’re still out there looking for something decent and simple maybe Folderbox is for you.


Folderbox is a Windows Explorer plugin that adds an additional pane within the lower part of any open folder window, so that the window displays the contents of two different folders at once.

If you do a lot of file management in Windows Explorer or need to routinely move files into certain folders then you may find FolderBox very useful. It is kind of a 2-paned mini file manager that you can access instantly within every folder window. There are up to 5 buttons within the lower window that you can define in order to switch quickly to your favorite folders (see screenshot), or you can browse manually to any folder you need to work with. Note that it is possible to have the Folderbox lower folder pane show in Internet Explorer as well.

Differences between the free and paid versions: the paid version gives you 10 ‘folderbox’ favorite buttons instead of 5. It also enables a button which you can use to switch Folderbox on/off quickly, instead of having to check/uncheck Folderbox from the folder’s view menu. The free version is licensed for home use only.I’m using it for the last one week and I think I found what I’m looking for.

BaxBex, the company who produced Folderbox has another great utility called Folder Pilot. It finds folders quickly, in just a few clicks, with the enhanced Folder Pilot Address bar in Windows Explorer and locate your favorites folder in a snap with the Folder Pilot shortcut menu.



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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the tips.

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