Perfect MP3

Are you into making your own mp3 archive? Are you fed up with those low quality outputs? There are hundreds of both commercial and free utilities to rip your music discs. Making a perfect mp3 is, however, a different animal. You need the right tools to start with. You need to spend some time to learn the basics.

Here’s your ultimate guide to best mp3 creation process. I suggest that you save a copy of all the files and guides there as well as the necessary tools. It will be a bit tough at the beginning but the reward will be great. You won’t notice any difference between your audio discs and mp3 files. I’ve practicing it for the last four years and everything is just wonderful.

Speaking of digital music, what’s your favorite audio player? Winamp? Winamp is not bad to say the least. The free version is adequate for most of your needs. But… your perfect mp3 files needs a perfect audio player: Foobar2000. Foobar2000 is the most advanced and flexible audio player around. What’s more, it’s free with hundreds of plugins and a huge community where you can ask for help. The UI choices are much better. I warn you, it’s difficult at the beginning but once you get to hang of it you won’t even look at the other choices, be it “Winamp v.10 combined with Windows Media Player 20”.

Here are few sites to get help, plugins, UIs and anything you want about foobar2000:

hydrogenaudio: Your one and only stop on audio. Period.

3rd Party Foobar2000 components

Foobar2000 Formatting

Foobar2000 Customization

LastFM Foobar2000 Forums

Here are few interfaces I picked at random from different sources.



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