Flash Games: Best Of The Best

Here’s my round-up for the flash games I like most. For the sake of brevity I’ve also included my past entries.

doublejeu-200-x-222.jpgDouble Jeu : This game is just fantastic. Many people will define it as “time waster” but I just cannot do that. Your aim is to keep the ball in the bottom half in balance while trying to handle ball in the upper half with your pad (as in pong). Your mouse controls both objects at the same time. My current record is a tad above 29 seconds and I doubt that anybody will ever be over 40-50 seconds range. I even plan it to give it to my students as term project for flash class.

24 December update: My new record is 40.193 seconds

throwpaper.jpgThrow Paper : Simple and addictive. You try to send the paper-made-ball into the bin taking the wind into account.

26 December update: My new record is 17 consecutive hits.

binballwizard.jpgBinball Wizard : The idea behind Binball Wizard is similar to Throw Paper but the setting is more complicated. This time you’re in an office the ball you throw can actually bounce when it hits the object in the office.

shufflethepenguin.jpgShuffle The Penguin : Yet another game on the same theme but this time trying to send the penguin into that hole.

turbochargedpenguins-200-x-152.jpgTurbo-charged Penguins : Excellent game play. Very addictive.

24 December update: My new height is 1374.90 meters.

yetisports-200-x-114.jpgYeti Sports : An addictive classic. Fly my penguin, fly high…

snowcraft1.jpgSnow Craft : Playing snowball has never been so good (except in real life, of course!)

copter.jpgCopter : A classic one-button oldie but still great whenever you have a minute or two to spare

cursorthief.jpgCursor Thief : Fun to play. Your aim is to avoid your cursor from the guy who has many tricks to catch it.

drawplay.jpgDraw Play : Excellent time-waster. You’re trying to reach from the start point to the target but it’s you who draws the path.

pendulumeca.jpgPendulumeca : If you envy spiderman lose no time.

kumonecko.jpgKumonecko : You control a very cute looking pixel-cat. Starts easy then gets a bit tough.

nekojuppiki.jpgNekojuppiki : Combination of Lemmings and creative game-play. Gets difficult pretty quickly. Be sure to check out the other games from Neko Games.

rolypoly.jpgRoly Poly : Creative UI. Instead of moving your cute hedgehoggish creature you rotate the canvas.

tuberacer.jpgTube Racer : Fun time-waster. Not easy at all.

poom.jpgPoom : Addictive, easy looking but very difficult to make a good score.

n.jpgN : Incredible physics game.

boarddots.jpgBoard Dots : Addictive logic game.

blueprint.jpgBlueprint : Good logic game similar to The Incredible Machine.

paths.jpgPaths : Another fine logic game.

troyis.jpgTroyis : A superb logic game where you move with a knight as in chess.

Games that already mentioned in this very blog:


Double Wires

Sling, Missile 3D, Winterbells

Line Rider 2

Samorost 2



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21 responses to “Flash Games: Best Of The Best

  1. cairo

    Nice collection here..

    Hey if you want to try something different with flash games try the classics at Game Oldies (http://www.game-oldies.com) you will not regret it

  2. kudou

    i’m so not getting anything done anymore….thanks a lot…:p

  3. thanks for this. i really loved the games! it was a wonderful christmas gift, my friend. merry christmas!

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  5. nice resource for really kool games man!

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  6. nice resource for really kool games man!

    My blog got lotta desi videos stuff..
    World`s BIGGEST collection of Wallpapers & Images at : http://dogztail.com


  7. these games are fun. expecially the paper ball game. does anyone have any thoughts on how to create them or a website that would help me learn how to create flash games?

  8. Hey man these games are pretty awesome. mind if i provide a link from your blog to mine?

  9. Ercan Cem

    @finance ninja: Check out for books on actionscript and gaming. There are about 2-3 titles specificly on gaming with flash.

    @Adam: Sure, no problem.

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  11. ish

    The paper ball game is absolutely excellent! I’ve got 21 consecutive hits now,it’s so damn addictive!

  12. Isil-Gar

    check the latest flash games blog.

    go to: http://miniflashgames.blogspot.com

    have fun.

  13. These games are awesome.It’s really interesting to play.

  14. Nice game !

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    arcade game

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    that only shows the best ever flash games, I will be adding some of the games you have mentioned, so thank you so much for the list.

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