It’s Official: Line Rider 2

I’ve introduced you to Line Rider some time ago. A wonderful game which started as a school project has become a hype. Tens of mods appeared immediately. This week the official follow-up has been anounced: Line Rider 2.


The follow-up includes some notable improvements. And here is the real news; game will soon be available for both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. I’m very happy in behalf of the Slovenian creator, Bostjan Cadez for he proved that good, creative, work is always rewarded.

As you will notice there’s contest for the best ride now. Expect to see hundredes of fans uploading their work everyday.



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4 responses to “It’s Official: Line Rider 2

  1. Glad to hear you have something exciting coming your way during the holidays!


  2. hey ive done a line rider on eggs and how they were made

  3. well at least we know wich hospital to send the flowers to lol

  4. Mrs. P

    This game is loadsss of fun

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