Flash + Superb Graphics = Samorost 2

Here’s a flash game with really good graphics: Samorost 2. Whether you like the game or now the graphics simply attract you for more.


As the name suggests this game is sequel to the one of the greatest flash games, Samorost. In the first chapter, which is free online, you try to rescue a cute dog from the aliens. The second chapter, which is a pay-for-play download ($6.90 USD), continues at the point of the first chapter’s cliffhanger ending. What you receive is a zip archive of the entire Samorost 2 game, including both chapters, for a seamless interactive experience.

As with the first, each level in Samorost 2 contains puzzles that must be solved to advance the main character through the adventure. A puzzle usually consists of clicking on an object to activate, a creature to perform an action, or a location to move to. Some puzzles require multiple actions to be performed; some in a particular sequence, and others with precise timing. And while none of the puzzles are very difficult, there are a couple that will require thought and reasoning to work out what must be done.


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