Armadillo Run

Have you ever played Bridge Construction Set? Pontifex? What the heck that is you ask?

Some years ago I was introduced a freeware game called Bridge Builder. Your task was to build a bridge from the available materials, cable, iron, steel, suspension cable, heavy steel, hydraulics, and iron & steel decks. Add the budget constraint and you have a real deal.


Then I met Chronologic, the publishers of Bridge Construction Set, followed with Bridge It and Pontifex and Pontifex 2. I’m not very sure whether the maker of Bridge Builder is actually Chronologic. Anyhow, the so called remakes improved both the graphics and the game-play. If you like mechanical puzzles be sure to give it a try.

However, BCS and Pontifex is old news actually.

Have you ever played The Incredible Machine. TIM is a legendry puzzle game. I don’t even remember when I first played the game; maybe 15 years ago. Then we had TIM2, then TIM3: Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions and finally The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions.


The typical puzzle begins with a simple goal: a preset arrangement of items on the screen and a number of items in a tool box that should be placed into the preset arrangement. A start button on the top left corner of the screen initiates the action. You can drop billiard balls onto levers, pull ropes through pulleys, turn on fans or toasters, light candles or firecrackers, and so forth. If the correct items are arranged in the correct way, the contraption will eventually accomplish the intended goal. Fortunately, the puzzles allow for multiple attempts. You can start and stop the action as many times as desired and rearrange the components of the machine as necessary. The movable parts of the puzzle reset themselves after each attempt. This trial-and-error approach gives the game a hands-on feel that will appeal to anyone who likes tinkering with things. Many of the puzzles have multiple solutions, and after you find one working arrangement, you’ll have the option to view the intended solution.

However, TIM is old news actually.

Please welcome my new toy: Armadillo Run.


Your job is to create structures to safely guide a rolled-up Armadillo to the goal. Assemble materials such as sheets of metal, ropes, cloth, elastic and more to create a path across the stage. The physics in Armadillo Run are remarkably accurate, making building (and destroying) things far more entertaining than it should be. As usual with these games, you have a limited budget and each material costs a certain amount of money. Also, Armadillo Run also lets you play with tension, put destruct timers on objects, and use the occasional rocket or two. The possibilities for what you can build are limitless.

The game comes with over 50 levels of varying degrees of difficulty and a level editor that lets you create anything you like. An active community of Armadillo Run players upload their best level solutions and user-made stages, so the challenge never really ends. Be sure to check out the eternal motion machine, it’s a testament to how accurate the physics are for this game.

Now, it’s time to pass yet another level.



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  2. Awww armadillo run… I like it 🙂

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