Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Photoshop CS3

If you’re a Photoshop user then you’ve probably heard that Adobe has released beta version CS3. The new version promises some exciting improvements. I have no intention to repeat those new goodies right here but if you want to see them live go to Photoshop Tv website and watch episode 60. For once I can say that Adobe has done enough to make the upgrade worthwhile.

A Good CSS Source

If you’re into CSS hype then be sure to check out 456 Berea Street. Tons of valuable info on CSS and many other things. I especially enjoyed the section called CSS Lab where some useful techniques on CSS are demonstrated.

The Invisible Web

If you want to make sure that you website is visible to others read this excellent article: The Ultimate Guide to the Invisible Web.

Firefox and IE Tweaking

This short video tutorial gives some tips on how to open pages faster with both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Here are some more on tweaking Firefox.

Ultra Realism In Gaming

During his GDC demonstration in 2005, Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios demoed his brainchild: The Room. An experiment dabbling in Hyper realistic surroundings, portals, and incredible definition. Where objects age and books have individual pages.”


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