My Favorite Puzzle Games

I’ve said a few times before that I don’t like many of those “big name” games. The first comes to my mind is “World of Warcraft Online“.

I have nothing against them. I don’t like the game-play of the most. Surprisingly, I don’t like the graphics in many of them. I liked Dune 2000 (from Westwood, now a division of Electronic Games) much more than the titles that followed it which supposedly had better graphics.

The one big game which I find “promising” is Crysis (from the makers of Far Cry, another one that seemed fine). If you have good internet connection then I urge you to watch the trailer.

One of my favorite game category is Puzzle. Today I’m going to mention some that I really enjoyed playing.

Puzzlic Advanced


Your aim in Puzzlic Advanced is straight forward. At each level you have some cubes that you need to get rid of. The rules are simple: If same cubes come together (touch each other) they disappear. At the beginning the levels are boringly easy but gets tough pretty quickly. The problem is usually to arrange the order of things and sometimes the timing of the movements. There are some 150 challenging levels with optional additional packs. Try the demo version before you decide.

Aargon Deluxe


Aargon Deluxe is truly one of a kind (well, many others popped up like mushrooms soon after, of course!). A mind-bending laser puzzle game in which the player uses a wide variety of tools – mirrors, beam splitters, refractors, prisms, color converters, and many more – to direct one or more laser beams to its goal. There is no time limit or other pressure, so you can take your time and think through the solution. The game starts simple, but stretches the player’s puzzle-solving abilities to the limits on the expert skill levels. The free demo version of Aargon Deluxe comes with thirty levels which teach the basics of the game and offer some challenges. The registered version has 180 puzzles, including a full interactive tutorial that leads beginners from the basic concepts to advanced techniques and expert playing pieces. It also includes a user-friendly level editor where players can create their own levels.



Triad is a absolutely unique puzzle game. If nothing else it’s perfect to train some parts of your brain.

Triad is played with 81 tiles, no two alike. Each tile has one of the three identical shapes; circle, rectangle, triangle. Each tile has one, two or three of these shapes (if it has more than one then they are exactly the same shapes). Each shape has a color; red, green or blue. These shapes may be solid, hallow or with line drawn in the middle. Each of these identify a tile. That’s the shape on the tile, the number of shapes, the color and the filling.

The game starts with 12 tiles. Your aim is to find three tiles with either identical or different on each of the four criterias. When you select a group within these rules those three tiles disappear and new three comes. You try to finish the tiles as soon as possible.

Try and you’ll love it.

Professor Fizzwizzle


Another superb puzzle game. Professor Fizzwizzle has been chosen as an Independent Games Festival Grand Prize Finalist out of a field of 118 games!

Professor Fizzwizzle is a fun, mind-expanding puzzle game, where you take control of the diminutive genius, Professor Fizzwizzle. You must help the professor use his brains and his gadgets to solve each exciting level. Do you have what it takes to get past the Rage-Bots and bring the prof back to his lab?

There are 4 main level groups with increasing difficulty and I warn you it does get difficult but you’re sure to enjoy each passing second.

Once you finish all the levels I’m sure you’ll lose no time to the newly released follow-up: FizzBall.

Zillions Of Games


zillionsofgames_2.jpg zillionsofgames_3.jpg zillionsofgames_4.jpg

Zillions Of Games is an infinitely expanding puzzle pack. The original pack has dozens of board games (usually with lots of variants) from chess to backgammon to you name it. However, the really exciting bit is that there are literally thousands of downloadable packs (you don’t pay for them). Again, this is a must for any puzzle lover.


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