New Flash Games


Doruk has been asking for new games again. These are what I’ve found this time.



Sling is truely a addictive flash game. The game play consists of stretching a lovely green head. When you let him go, he shoots in the direction he’s aimed, and will grab onto anything he can. A bit too easy on the first few levels, but gets more and more challenging, until you find yourself burning an hour solving a particularly difficult one.

Missile Game 3D


Missile Game 3D is simple but challenging. In this game you’re inside a missile going through endless tunnels. You guide your missile with the mouse and soon things get pretty complicated.



One word is enough to describe winterbells; sweet. In this game you control a lovable cute rabbit jumping from one bell to another. Each time he lands on a bell, he jumps higher and your score increases. If he lands on a bird, your score is doubled. The higher he gets, the more points each jump is worth.

It’s fun, addictive and challenging.


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