Double Wires

Let me introduce you to my son Doruk.

doruk_01-400-x-300.jpg doruk_03-400.jpg doruk_04-400.jpg

This morning he asked for a new computer game and I’ve come across something for both of us.

Double Wires


Double Wires is a wonderful little gem. An addictive game that can be played in very short time increments.

The objective in Double Wires is to simply get as far as you can. Just click in the direction you’d like one of his wires to shoot out, and it does so, and latches onto an object if it collides with one. You only have the two wires, so this game is all about the timing – when do you shoot your wires, and in which direction? Once you master the art of short and quick shots that allow you to move relatively quickly on horizontal plane, you’ll need to learn how to do large throws, where the character gets tossed high in the air by the strength of his elastic wire.

Now let’s see how far you will go!


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