Fantastic Flash Game: Scribble


Scribble is a great free Flash with a Lemmings kind of experience.Your goal is to get your “Zombies”, which are walking, to the flag at the end of each level. Just like in Lemmings, the Zombies walk continuously in one direction until the hit an obstacle, whereupon they do an about-face and start walking in the other direction, or until they’re killed. Unlike Lemmings, however, in Scribble you have just one tool: Your mouse, with which you can draw lines. Lines can make bridges, ramps, or barricades for the Blots, or they can be used to kill or otherwise interact with enemies, serve as fuses for bombs, and more. You can have a limited amount of “ink” on the screen at any one time, but your lines gradually disappear and replenish your ink supply.

Scribble is an extremely addicting game with many levels. It has a very welcome save feature, a great variety of challenges, and, happily, and unlimited number of retries. If you enjoyed Lemmings be sure to check out Scribble.


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