Have I Found What I’m Looking For?

I’ve been toying around with idea of buying a projector and a reasonable surround sound system. I’ve a big problem however; there are just too many options. Add budget issue and there I go.

I’ve just come across these two options which seem quite reasonable all around.

InFocus IN72


Sharp’s SD-SP10


The Infocus IN72 DLP has many attractive features. According to specifications, it uses a Texas Instruments .55 480p enhanced definition DLP chip and Pixelworks DNX PW190 video processing technology that provides for advanced motion adaptive deinterlacing for standard and high definition sources. Outputs an 854 x 480 image via its fully recessed 12 element all glass zoom lens. 900 max ANSI lumens and a nice 2000:1 contrast ratio.

Of course, the real point is that it’s quite affordable. I could locate many $750.00 at Froogle.

And for my sound system Sharp SD-SP10 has many things going for it: Instead of those 5+1, 7+1 and (God forbid) 9+1 systems, you only have two pieces (1+1). But, supposedly, you still get excellent audio performance via Virtual Surround. With an official price tag of $299.00 it’s not expensive at all.

Now, all that remains is that locating these pieces live and see whether they deliver what they promise.

If you have something better in mind just leave a comment.


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