Youtube: Thing Of The Past?

The file sharing company Azureus on Monday launched a new distribution platform for downloading high-quality video, which the company hopes will become the next YouTube — but for high definition, DVD-quality video on the internet.

Available at Zudeo, users can upload, download and comment on videos in a manner similar to other video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe and Revver. But instead of the low-resolution video offered by competing services, the Azureus system promises internet video at better than DVD quality.






Personally, I don’t think that it will kill Youtube anytime soon. First, it’s impossible to upload a high-definition version of the most of the videos in Youtube; they’re done with cheap quality cameras. Second, the average all around internet speed is not enough to browse/download HD movies/clips in a reasonably short amount of time.

But one thing is clear: Youtube must improve upon itself. At the beginning everything was just cool. Lots of web-traffic, lots of potential.

However, that’s just not enough in todays light-speed world. You need to put something new; not once but always.

Yahoo did nothing and maybe they will evaporate in near future. Weren’t they the king once upon a time?

Anyhow, if you have good speed then go and enjoy those HD clips.


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One response to “Youtube: Thing Of The Past?

  1. don’t have enough speed to enjoy, but i’ll post about it and link to you. No about me on your blog?

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