WITS: Windows Inspection Tool Set

I was looking for a decent Windows process explorer program and I just came up with WITS:  Windows Inspection Tool Set.





I’ve tried many system explorers but this one tops them out. Period. Very friendly interface, easy to use and best of all free. In fact it’s an open source software which just makes it the best.

As you can see from the screenshots you can choose any process, network connection and then explore all the related applications. In this case I’ve chosen R_SERVER.exe. Then clicked on the PID ID and it just gave all relative info.

Just download it, you’ll need it some day.



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4 responses to “WITS: Windows Inspection Tool Set

  1. wait i am a little confused, mabey i missed something but where exactly can u access this little bad boy tool set from it looks intresting.

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  2. If you are asking where you can download it then the relative link is given above but more expicitly it is: http://magicsplat.com/wits/

  3. A new version (2.0) is available that includes display of additional object types and monitoring / notification of events such as new network connections, process starts, user logins and more. The new version also adds fully customizable views and performance improvements.

  4. Version 3.0 has now been released. In addition to new features, this adds support for all Windows platforms up to WIndows 7, and native 64-bit versions. See http://wits.magicsplat.com.

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